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How To Go Digital: Don’t Put Your Business On Hold!

With lockdowns currently imposed on many communities, businesses have been forced to close shop for two weeks, some for a month.

Closing shop doesn’t mean putting your business on hold, though. There are so many things you can do during this lockdown that will move your business forward without your physical shop.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can bring your business online. The action steps here are easy to implement and can be implemented right away!

Action Step #1: Be Present Where Your Customers Are

With everyone locked down in their homes, people are hanging out more online and constantly looking for content that will educate or entertain them. Be ready with that content!

Create videos of you showing off your products. Be descriptive. Make them experience your product – even if it’s just on video.

Create informative posts about your product and how it applies to people’s lives now.

Go live and answer questions.

Create special promos and contests.

Whatever it is you choose to do, what matters is that you’re present for your customers. You’re letting them know that, “Hey! I’m still around! How can I help you?”

You can do this through social networks. Do it where your customers hang out the most. Is it Facebook? Is it Instagram? Is it Tiktok? Where do they go to educate or entertain themselves? Be there.

Action Step #2: Make Your Products Available Online Or For Delivery

When this all started, a lot of our clients expressed their concern about having to shut their businesses down. But we urged them to keep their businesses open – but in a different way.

For instance, if you sell crafts or baked goods, how about create a do-it-yourself kit for your customers and ship the kits to them?

If you host face-to-face workshops, how about moving those workshops online so people can still attend from their homes? (P.S. You can find our favorite tools here.)

If you offer services, why not run a pay now, use later discount promo?

It’s time to get creative with your offers so you can continue serving your customers!

Action Step #3: Be More Prepared Next Time This Happens (Hopefully, It Won’t Happen Again Though)

With lots of time in your hands, NOW is the perfect time to start moving your business online.

Do you have a website up that can take orders or bookings?

Are you social media accounts set up and optimized?

Have you created content about your products and how people can benefit from buying them?

We have time now, so might as well use it to be productive. And if you’re struggling with setting these all up, you can always work with a virtual assistant team to get these all done for you.

Here at Kimberley Reyes & Co, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional virtual support services to small- to medium-sized businesses in the Philippines and around the world. We’ve helped clients scale their businesses at a reasonable investment cost.

Learn more about how we can help!

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