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The Emergence Of Virtual Assistants And How They Reshape The Workplace

Technological advances in the past few decades have created waves of change in how people go about in their daily lives especially in the workplace.

Information can be put out and found in a few clicks since the dawn of the Internet; communication has become faster with the development of e-mails, chat and video conference applications, and specialized programs are being created to cater to every company’s particular need.

Since everything has become accessible through computers and laptops, which many people now have, working has become much easier and flexible. Now, companies and business owners have the perfect conditions to explore the potential of hiring Virtual Assistants to help keep their business going.

It is not to be assumed that the lucrative job of Virtual Assistant just appeared over a short period of time. It had its humble beginnings back in the 1940s when it was more known as secretarial services. During this time, the industry only accepted men into the workforce due to religious conservatism, but the creation of the typewriter opened the door for women to also be welcomed as part of the working class.

Later on, secretarial positions were dominated by women and the technology advanced further to allow them to work efficiently for more than one boss. In-office secretaries have evolved and created a new niche of work which is now the Virtual Assistants of today. Now that there are far more work possibilities that can be done from behind the screen from almost anywhere, companies are able to function just as well as if they had employees working with them in the office. To find out what tasks you can delegate to your Virtual Assistants, check out our list here.

The existence of Virtual Assistance as a profession has reshaped the workplace and has provided answers to problems that many businesses face.

The office is everywhere

Since work is now done on computers and laptops, it is now possible for people to work remotely. Whether it’s from home, a coffee shop or some resort on an island, Virtual Assistants can get the job done for businesses wherever they are.

Increased productivity

A study has shown that people who work from home are more productive than regular in-office employees. The slightly longer breaks, familiar atmosphere, and level of comfort help a Virtual Assistant stay refreshed and focused on the tasks at hand. The work environment of a VA tends to be less stressful, making business owners have better chances of having happier and more satisfied people working for them.

Lower operational costs 

Since Virtual Assistants don’t need an office to report to work in, business owners will not have to pay as much to maintain an office or to provide equipment for them. Business owners can also save up on taxes and training sessions they would otherwise give to full-time employees.

Hiring a virtual assistant means you’re hiring a specialist

When business owners are ready to hire Virtual Assistants, they already know what tasks they need help with. They can specify what skills they need in a VA in order to help them find the right fit for their company. Virtual Assistants are armed with an array of skills that they have learned and mastered in their past work experiences and it is a valuable resource to tap into. Business owners don’t have to worry about providing training for them. Here are signs you can look out for to see if your business is ready to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants save companies in times of crisis

Now that the world is facing the pandemic started by the Coronavirus this year, many businesses are struggling to maintain their operations as cities are put under lockdown, people can’t report to work and are urged to stay indoors. Some businesses are facing the threat of closure and have had to lay off people they can no longer support. However, Virtual Assistants can help keep the business running by executing tasks that can be done through the internet or calls.

At Kimberley Reyes & Co, we can help you and your business stay in operation despite crises. Contact us to let us know what we can do for you.

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