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What Tasks Can You Delegate to a Virtual Assistant?

Starting and taking care of your business from the ground-up can be exciting and fulfilling. We treat our businesses with care and pay special attention to every detail that would help grow and nurture it.  And after a time of trial and error, mistakes and breakthroughs, your business becomes stable and shows more potential to develop

At this point in time, your tasks and roles in your business have also evolved. They may have become more complex and time-consuming that you can’t handle the other simpler or specified work you used to do when you started out. Luckily, by hiring a Virtual Assistant and delegating those tasks to them, you can have all those bases covered.

Your Virtual Assistant can take on tasks you don’t have time to do, you don’t enjoy doing, or you don’t know how to do. All this work, no matter what they are, is still important and crucial to your business but it can be more beneficial to you and your enterprise if you had more capable people on board to help you manage better.

These are the 6 kinds of tasks you can delegate to your Virtual Assistants:

General Virtual Assistance

A lot of tasks fall under this umbrella such as bookkeeping, receptionist tasks, writing and sending invoices, setting appointments, banking tasks, creating graphs, researching and more. These are likely the tasks that took up most of your days during the early stages of your business that you can now delegate to a Virtual Assistant to give you enough time to focus on your bigger responsibilities to grow the business.

Content Writing

Writing articles on your business’ focus can be time-consuming when you do them all on your own. Your Virtual Assistants can research and write them for your website or blog to help churn out the material your audience will look for according to your standards. All you will need to do is to check and approve them once you’re satisfied with their work.

SEO & Digital Marketing

In this digital age, businesses have to keep up with a lot of competition across the internet which is why having SEO’s are vital to your business. A Virtual Assistant can develop, update and optimize an SEO and web marketing strategy for you. They can also conduct keyword research for your website and performing a blog analysis, create a landing page and more. All the tasks under this umbrella will all work towards your business having a stronger web presence and to boost your business’ trust and credibility.

Social Media Management

The use of social media for business is becoming more and more relevant and lucrative. And although it can be convenient to do, it can become quite burdensome to maintain all your social network channels once your business has grown. By delegating this task to a Virtual Assistant, they can help boost your presence on social media by creating posts, scheduling and sharing them to grab the attention of your target market – without you having to worry about them. They can learn from the insights on your accounts to identify what posts or methods get the most views and use this data to further improve your visibility on potential clients’ feed.

Web Development

A Virtual Assistant with expertise in web development could create and manage your website, update it with new content and make sure that bugs are addressed quickly. You would no longer have to stress about improving your website’s look, feel, user interface and troubleshooting when you delegate the job to someone who can better understand HTML, CSS, Javascript, and coding languages.

Audio & Video Editing

Marketing and spreading word about any business now needs to be presented in a very professional way on the internet. If your line of work requires some impressive audio and visual media, a Virtual Assistant who specializes in this field is a major plus. They can create new videos or improve your already existing ones, upload them on video streaming platforms, social media channels and create a format and look that specifically fits your brand.

Delegating tasks to a Virtual Assistant not only gives you a chance to breathe but also creates an opportunity to discover methods and potential you wouldn’t have seen if you were still working on your own. Do you have any questions about hiring a virtual assistant? Comment below!

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