I help change makers and entrepreneurs running heart-centered businesses grow through online business management and virtual assistance.

Hi there, doer of all things.

Do you feel like you’re always working late, missing out on weekends, and never going on vacations, but still not getting all things done? Are you planning to scale, but don’t have the manpower to back you up?

I’m Kim Reyes, Online Business Manager. I get you and I can help.

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder,” that’s what I’m all about. We’ll take the time to sit down and talk about your business goals and blocks. We’ll work together on a strategy so you’re not always hustling and spending more time on income-generating activities in your business.

Kimberley Reyes Online Business Manager
Top rated Online Business Manager

Here are some ways I can help

Project Management

Let’s take a look at the big picture and break it down into small, actionable steps for your team.

Operations Management

Let’s get you out of the hustle by cleaning up your back office processes and creating systems.

People Management

Don’t have a team? I’ll help you find your dream team, or, you can work with mine!

Don't just take my word for it

What can you start delegating now?

Admin Tasks

Community Management
Inbox Management
Calendar Management
Document Preparation
Creating Presentations
E-mail/Chat Support
Preparing Reports
Data Entry

Creative Tasks

Content Creation
Marketing Designs
Video Editing
Course Content Design

Tech Tasks

Website Setup & Maintenance
Marketing Funnels